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IESANZ gets new president

Adele Locke's main goal as president of IESANZ is to establish a lighting education trust.

Adele Locke has been elected as national president of the Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia and New Zealand (IESANZ).

Locke, who is the first woman to be elected national president of IESANZ, is a former president of the Victorian/Tasmanian chapter of the organisation and has been a director of the society since 2012.

She is a director of Mint Lighting Design and has been involved in lighting for 20 years, starting out in manufacturing and moving into technical and architectural sales, sales management and lighting design.

Locke has outlined a set of goals for her tenure as president, the most important one being to foster better lighting education. She said:

‘I am determined to promote IESANZ as the gold standard for the Australian and New Zealand lighting industries by providing education opportunities for all people interested in lighting.

‘High on my list of priorities is establishment of a lighting education trust to foster the pool of emerging lighting talent in our two countries.’

Other goals set by Locke include improving transparency of board and chapter activities, escalating advocacy to government and industries and encouraging members to interact more with their own branch of IESANZ.