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The Dubai bar with light at its heart

Designers are always talking about integrating lighting into architecture. Well, here’s a bar in Dubai with almost no light fittings at all – unless you count the little battery-powered night lights on the tables.

The lighting at the Cielo Lounge is built into the furniture – and it’s all LED.

A sophisticated scheme was needed for the lounge which is, after all, on the roof of the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, one of the city’s most iconic buildings and most exclusive locations.

Rather than coming from fittings, linear lighting is incorporated into seat backs, and fitted under seating and steps.

Even the ice buckets are illuminated by mobile LED pool lights, making the champagne bottles glow.

Designed by local company Nouran Concept Lighting, the scheme uses warm white and RGB colour-changing LED strips, as well as LED downlights and projectors, floor markers and spikes.

Stylish flourishes include a backlit bar counter and subtle table effects. A second layer of lighting controlled by colour-changing gear transforms the rooftop setting to suit different moods. Dali controls enable different scenes to be set throughout the night, and architectural elements can even shift colour in time with the beat of the music.

It’s an all too rare example of light becoming part of the design of a space, rather than being added in at the end, and the results speak for themselves.

It’s a scheme that wouldn’t have been possible without LEDs – and because it’s LED, energy consumption remains low. The installed load for lighting the entire lounge is just 5.52W/m2.