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Speed to market is key in lighting’’s new order, says Lextar CEO

Speed is of the essence, says Lextar's David Su

David Su told Lux Review that cost is the ‘key factor’ in consumer applications, ‘but to get the cost down you need to have new technology innovation to reduce the cost. So I think the challenge in the future is how soon you can come out with new technology’.

Lextar has impressed observers with its high quality and high efficiency LED luminaires and retrofit tubes, and was showing its latest range at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair this week.

Su also said that the big lighting manufacturers need to learn to work with each other, as the distinction between companies making light sources, fixtures and controls technology becomes ever more blurred.

‘In the old days light sources and fixtures were separate, he said. ‘A bulb is a bulb and mechanical parts are mechanical parts. But with solid-state solutions, the light source and mechanical parts actually integrate together.

‘The big brand names used to be more focused on the light source, but moving into this solid-state lighting solution, it’s both, it’s mixing together. So certainly that will mean many challenges for brand names like Philips, Osram and GE, because they need to fight with [companies who were] previously their fixture customers. It’s going to be a very interesting future for light source companies and fixture companies – to work together instead of fighting each other.’