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Deutsche Telekom integrates Philips Hue with ‘smart home’ app

Customers of Deutsche Telekom can now dim their lights from the same smartphone app that controls their heating and other household devices.

The German telecoms provider has integrated Philips’ Hue wireless lighting system into its Smart Home app, which connects to sensors, smoke alarms, surveillance cameras, thermostats, and Wi-Fi-controlled plug adapters which can be used to switch other devices on and off.

Retrofit lamps and other lighting products from the Philips Hue range can now be manually controlled from Deutsche Telekom’s app, or set to respond to other devices or sensors on the network. For instance, lights can switch on when someone comes home (responding to door-mounted sensors), or dim down low when the TV is turned on.

The Hue range, including dimmable and colour-changing GLS lamps, GU10s, LED tape and wallwashers, will be on sale at 370 Deutsche Telekom shops.

Philips is just one of numerous lighting companies staking out their territory in the world of smart lighting. Megaman, TCP, PhotonStar and LIFX are just a few of the others offering wirelessly-controlled LED lamps.  

But the competition is too much for some. Samsung – which demonstrated smart lamps that integrated with its own Smart Home system at this year’s Light + Building show in Frankfurt – has already thrown in the towel on LED lamps.

Philips’ Hue system is also compatible with Apple’s forthcoming HomeKit system, which will allow devices to be controlled via iPhones and iPads.