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Forget Google – now lighting specifiers have their own search tool

If you’re a lighting specifier and Google is giving you a headache, you can put the paracetamol away. A new search engine specifically for lighting professionals was launched last week, allowing specifiers to find and compare luminaires based on search filters that are relevant to the industry, such as energy savings, technical specifications, size, looks and shape.

LightSeeker, as the new search engine is called, is limited to Australia and has over 50 adjustable search filters to help users narrow down the choice in its database of over 900 lighting suppliers and distributors.

It is free to use, and designed to help all types of specifiers; electrical engineers can scan technical parameters to check luminaire performance and reliability, building managers can find luminaires to replace or upgrade their existing lighting, or look for energy-efficient replacements, and designers and architects can find IES files or base their search on the shape and character of luminaires.

LightSeeker’s creator, Karl Olsen, says recent advances in LED technology has spawned a need for a more industry-specific search tool to help lighting professionals sift through the growing offering of lighting products on the market.

He said: ‘After 12 months of hard work, I have created a new online tool that will change how the Australian lighting industry accesses information.’

LightSeeker can be found at