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“Tell the truth or I’ll make you suffer,” lighting designer tells manufacturers

Dominic Meyrick has had enough of products that don't live up to their claims.

LONDON– Lighting designer Dominic Meyrick today threatened to ‘make manufacturers suffer’ if they don’t tell the truth about their office lighting products.

Meyrick, who leads the lighting design team at M&E consultancy Hoare Lea, was speaking at LuxLive on how to avoid lighting that makes office spaces ‘unlettable’.

He promised to tell his commercial lighting clients if any lighting manufacturers were less than honest about what their products can and can’t do.

The key to good office lighting, he said, is to focus on the ‘subjective impression’ of the lit effect, rather than on objective criteria, ‘because that’s what lets a space. It’s always about impression.’

Meyrick said designers and users should ask themselves if, when they look out across an office floor, they ‘despair’. ‘We’ve all had that sinking feeling when we walk into an office, and not just because of the people in it.’

The infamous LG3 guidelines, which recommended louvres to avoid glare on early computer screens, were a good example of how ‘technical regulations get you’ – the result was gloomy schemes that prevented glare on screens but made many offices dreadful places to spend any time in.

Meyrick said: ‘I’m going to make sure you suffer for the lies that you tell. If you’re not being totally honest about your flicker, if you’re not totally honest about the power factor, if your maintenance factor is above about seven, I’m going to tell my client and I’m going to make you suffer.

‘So to make sure your office is lettable, it had better look good and you’d better tell the truth.’