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Abu Dhabi seeks suppliers to turn 35,000 streetlights LED

All these streetlights will soon be LED, and the city authority is asking potential suppliers to get in touch

ABU DHABI– The city of Abu Dhabi is seeking suppliers to replace more than 35,000 streetlights with LEDs.

The municipality wants to retrofit all the streetlights in the city centre with LEDs and is inviting tenders for a 10-year maintenance contract.

The plan builds on the success of the city’s sustainable lighting strategy and specification, developed by its in-house lighting expert Martin Valentine (pictured, below) in 2011.

Speaking at this week’s Middle East Smart Lighting and Energy Summit, which is held under the patronage of the Abu Dhabi municipality, Valentine said he had to ‘head off a lot of criticism’ when developing the lighting specification and encouraging the switch to LEDs, but that the results so far showed it was working.

‘We are now in a position after all these years to have verification of the specifications,’ he said. ‘For projects such as E48 [an area of the city that has trialled LED streetlighting], which are now two-and-a-half years old, we had our estimates about how much we’d save – 76 per cent – and looking at the meter readings, we’re saving exactly as we estimated.

‘For Sheikh Zayed Street Tunnel, we were able to measure every year, and it’s exactly the same as our initial estimates gave.

‘Every project we’ve installed over the past three years has met or exceeded the energy efficiency targets. We haven’t even had a one per cent drop off in illumination after two or three summers in some cases. And not a single fixture failure. We’ve had some batches fail, but they’ve been replaced under warranty.’

The lighting strategy predicted overall energy savings of 67 per cent, but improvements in technology mean this could now reach 80 per cent, Valentine said.

He also announced the launch of the municipality’s public realm and streetlighting handbook, which is being made available free for the benefit of local lighting professionals who don’t have access to academic associations, publications or other sources of information. A revised version of the city’s lighting specification is on the way soon, Valentine said.

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