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Broken Hill City Council slashes energy use with major LED rollout

Sustainability education officer Elizabeth Guest and council general manager Therese Manns highlight the benefits of switching to LED lighting. Broken Hill City Council expects vast savings from its combined LED retrofit and behavioural change strategy.

Broken Hill City Council is expected to shave around $24,000 off its electricity bill following its recent LED upgrade to four of the council’s key buildings; 400 lamps were changed in the administration building, 197 in the airport, 189 in the art gallery and 25 in the visitor information centre.

The majority of new luminaires are LED panels and tubes. The art gallery has had a range of MR16 lamps and dimmable LED track lights installed.

The LED upgrade is part of Broken Hill City Council’s internal energy and water strategy to ensure sustainable savings.

Elizabeth Guest, the council’s sustainability education officer, said that the strategy has been developed with a grant of $43,000 from the Australian government. ‘Broken Hill City Council has contributed $59,400 to the project,’ she added.

Although the light installation took just four days, the project has been in the pipeline for around two years with the council applying for funding and gaining approval of the project plan through the funding body, Community Energy Efficiency Grant.

The project also aims to foster behavioural change, encouraging staff to turn off lights.

‘Attention will now turn to those small but important areas where we can make a difference as individuals across the organisation with signage being developed to encourage staff to become more energy conscious,’ Guest said.

‘Switching off lights when going to lunch, closing down computers at the end of the day or making sure taps are turned off properly can certainly make a difference in the overall scheme of savings.’

The program is ongoing and the council will continue to look at opportunities to gain funding for energy efficient retrofits, a spokesperson confirmed.