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Bridges of light link Riyadh office buildings

LED strips have helped create a bridge of light between two new office buildings in the Saudi capital Riyadh.

Lighting consultant Riad Saraiji worked with Lab Architecture and Saudi Constructioneers to light the buildings, using fittings from Targetti, Bega and Philips.

Saraiji used LED strips on two pedestrian bridges to form a series of angular ‘rings’, each slightly offset from the last, ‘to resemble the stripes of a snake’.

The same LED strip is used on the ventilation outlet, turning it into a kind of light sculpture.

The buildings have vertical shading fins which also reflect light from floodlights to give the feeling of a ‘dancing fountain of light’, Saraiji said.

The buildings are part of the new $8 billion (€6.4 million) King Abdullah Financial District in northern Riyadh, which includes 59 towers and three million square metres of space for offices and homes.