Lux’s top 10 videos of 2014

A Nobel prize for LED lighting, a skylight that brings sunshine to places it couldn’t reach before, stunning lighting projects from around the world, and piles of exciting new products… 2014 has been quite a year for lighting. And Lux watched it all happen. Here, in reverse order, are our 10 most popular videos of 2014. If you’re not already a subscriber, head over to our YouTube channel and click ‘subscribe’ to make sure you don’t miss any of our videos in 2015.


10. Lux gets a sneak peek at the Philips spring range
The Lux team got an exclusive sneak peak of the latest crop of products from Philips.

9. Zumtobel’s new CEO meets Lux
Lux met with the brand new CEO of Zumtobel, Ulrich Schumacher, to hear about what he plans to do with the lighting giant, and how it’s dealing with the LED revolution.

8. China’s changing lighting market
Lux reports from Hong Kong on the outlook for the Chinese lighting market.

7. The most exciting products at Light + Building 2014
Part one of Lux‘s look back at the best new kit we saw at this year’s Light + Building show in Frankfurt.

6. Sainsbury’s sets out to go 100% LED
An exclusive and comprehensive look at one of the biggest LED rollouts in retail: Sainsbury’s push to go 100% LED.

5. The Sistine Chapel – like you’ve never seen it before
Lux visits the newly relit Sistine Chapel to see how LEDs are bringing new life to its unique artworks.

4. Can blue lights make Britain’s railways safer?
Lux visits an unusual installation at Gatwick Airport’s train platforms, designed to address a very serious problem.

3. What not to say to a lighting designer
A memorable moment from LuxLive, when criticism of the lighting design profession drew a characteristically no-nonsense response from Dominic Meyrick.

2. Interview with the godfather of LED
Lux were fans of Shuji Nakamura before we was popular. Not long after we recorded this interview with the inventor of the blue LED (and named him as Lux Person of the Year), he won the Nobel Prize for physics.

1. The artificial skylight you won’t believe isn’t real
Our most popular video of the year by a mile was the stand-out innovation of LuxLive 2014: CoeLux . It’s the artificial skylight that can bring the sun indoors – or even underground. You have to see it to believe it.