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Revealed: Adelaide Oval’s big lighting upgrade

All eyes will be on the Adelaide Oval when it hosts some of the Cricket World Cup matches in February and March 2015, and viewers will notice that the lighting has received a major facelift. It’s part of the 140-year-old Oval’s $535 million redevelopment, which also includes new grandstands and training facilities.

Sporting fans are greeted with subtle spotlights and changing colours around the rim of the stadium. The Oval now complies fully with International Cricket Council World Cup requirements by achieving 2500 lumens per square metre.

Latest technology

The majority of the lighting upgrade happened in the pedestrian areas leading to the Oval. Before the upgrade, the areas extending from the southern, eastern and northern sections of the ground were illuminated with metal halide lamps with dated luminaires.

These are now lined with rectangular pole-top LED fittings with forward-throwing beams from We-Ef, in a range of power usages from 24W. The luminaires have three different wattage levels depending on the position of the fitting and the light levels required.

‘The site went from a 150W fitting down to a 48W fitting, without lumen depreciation or the need to replace lamps every 18 months,’ said Paul Mark form JSB Lighting, We-Ef’s distributor in South Australia.

While the external pedestrian lighting does not employ motion sensor or automatic dimming, there is provision in the future for this aspect and there is further potential to install such technology in the car park area.

‘The Adelaide Oval redevelopment is truly a spectacular stadium that represents the forefront in electrical engineering and specialist lighting engineering,’ said Sarah Linton, Senior Electrical Engineer of engineering firm Aurecon which has been working on the new lighting at the Oval.

Exterior lighting

The façade of the building uses surface mounted downlights to highlight its mesh-like decorative design, as well as structural columns positioned in three of the entrance atriums. These columns emit light both upwards and downwards.

‘The reason Aurecon went with the DAC240 fitting was for the neat finish, choice of optics and reliable high-quality performance. The option of remote gearing was also helpful in applications with low clearances,’ said Paul Mark. ‘Then to retain the look of the installation they continued with surface-mounted fittings throughout the facility.’

Many of the downlights were installed under the trellis of the seating stands, directly onto concrete.

The video below shows the process and result of the refurbishment at the Oval, including all the new luminaires outside and inside the stadium.