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What if every single hotel in the UK went LED?

What would happen if all the fittings in Britain’s hotel bedrooms were replaced with LEDs? And what if we add all the corridors and toilets to the equation? Lux‘s lighting economist, Dave Tilley, has done just that in this thought-provoking calculation based on hotel industry information and 2015 projections.

First, Tilley considered changing eight incandescent and halogen lamps to LED in every one of the UK’s 615,000 hotel bedrooms – and then a complete changeover including common areas in 31,000 hotels.

Let’s see what happens:



The results are staggering: £131 million ($199 million) and 677,000 tonnes of CO2 could be saved if Britain’s hotels changed their bedroom, corridor and toilet lights to LED.

But for many businesses, the capital investment needed to do this is still considered a barrier, even when it might pay for itself in a year or less.

The scale of the potential savings – and their contribution to CO2 reduction targets – should capture the imagination of the hotel industry. But government
should also be more involved in encouraging better lighting, if it is serious about lowering the country’s energy consumption.