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Super Bowl update: Seattle’s tallest building will flash with the action

Hawking its wares: The roofline of Seattle's tallest building, the Columbia Center, will light up when the Seahawks score a touchdown.

Seattle’s 76-story Columbia Center is the second highest building on the US West Coast, and while it may be well known as an office tower, locals will now also know it as something else: A giant scoreboard.

That’s because owners Beacon Capital Partners have outfitted its rooflines with LED lights that will indicate when Seattle’s professional football team – the Seahawks – scores a touchdown.

In case you don’t follow American sports, the Seahawks are playing against the New England Patriots in the annual Super Bowl on Sunday, February 1st, so plenty of Seattleites will be hoping for a flurry of 967-foot-high light shows that day. The Super Bowl is the sport’s grand championship match.

As the Pugeot Sound Business Journal noted, Beacon has not made it clear exactly how the lights will change to indicate a score.

But if football isn’t your thing, you might want to keep your eyes peeled upwards at other times of the year. ‘It’s a permanent display, and will change colors throughout the year to recognize specific dates, events and groups,’ the story noted.

Beacon is a Boston-based property firm with offices across the US and Europe. Watch for a dancing rooftop near you soon.

Oh, and if you’d prefer to watch live football rather than stare at a skyscraper, LED floodlights will illuminate the field at the University of Phoenix stadium in Arizona, as we reported in September.  

Photo is from Ikiwaner via Wikimedia

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