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Dubai financial district looking to replace 27,000 lights

The Gate Building - a landmark in the Dubai International Financial Centre. Soon all these lights will be replaced with low-energy alternatives / Photo:

The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), the city’s financial and business hub, is looking for suppliers to replace 27,000 lights with energy-saving alternatives.

The project, which is being handled by the government-owned energy services organisation Etihad Esco, will cover offices in 15 buildings in the business district, as well as architectural lighting, outdoor areas and streetlighting.

Etihad Esco sought expressions of interest from energy services companies (Escos) and consortiums who could provide ‘design, implementation, savings guarantee, service, measurement and verification of comprehensive lighting energy efficiency measures’.

Those who expressed interest are going through a pre-qualification process.

DIFC is a 110-acre area in central Dubai, established as a free zone in 2004 with its own civil and commercial laws, and used as a base in the region by 22 of the world’s top 30 banks, six of the top 10 insurers and seven of the top 10 law firms.

Etihad Esco’s project with DIFC follows a $10 million deal that it recently signed with Dubai’s electricity and water authority to implement energy-saving measures at power stations and office buildings. The majority of the money is being spent on new LED lights from Philips, with the aim of reducing energy use for lighting by 68 per cent.

Etihad Esco’s CEO Stephane Le Gentil told Lux that the organisation wants to kick-start the market for energy service contracting in the UAE and the rest of the Middle East. ‘The market was really non-existent,’ he said. ‘So we’re creating it,’ he said.