Comment, Lighting Industry

At the cutting edge

It’s official, the UK government recognises that lighting is one of the leading industries in helping execute its strategy of reducing carbon emissions to help meet the UK’s target.

The UK is seen as a leader in its commitment to reduce carbon and we in the lighting industry continue to support government in accelerating the upgrading and retrofitting of new energy efficient solutions, to reduce customer’s energy bills while driving towards these ambitious goals.

This is important as in 2012 35 per cent of the peak electricity demand from the grid was for lighting.

“In 2012 35% of the peak electricity demand from the grid was for lighting”

We are also leading all other lighting industries across Europe with the introduction of the Lighting Industry Sector Strategy, which is continuing to attract attention from other European lighting associations for all the right reasons. In the document, which I would encourage everyone to read, you will find a host of initiatives around innovation, skills, investment, export and lighting regulations (details can be found on the LIA website).

UK lighting is in a strong growth period and the industry has identified key opportunities to help us continue to lead. We are looking at ways of improving and developing in lighting design, exploring the beneficial health effect of lighting to help conduct new business models and further the applicability of integrating Wi-Fi and Li-Fi.  

The world energy-efficient lighting market is predicting growth year on year through to 2025.  Continuing to develop product and services customers demand, will help drive our growth. This while we remove cost from manufacturing will ensure that UK lighting companies remain competitive.

As part of the lighting strategy plan we are developing a UK lighting skills needs assessment programme, to ensure we have the best and most relevant training available in Europe and to deliver the talent required for our future.


Alasdair McRury is president of the Lighting Industry Association