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LEDs help Nairobi hotel overcome energy and maintenance worries

LED lights are keeping energy costs under control and minimising maintenance at the Hemingways Hotel

The latest LED products allowed designers to balance energy efficiency with a warm, luxurious feel at this hotel on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya.

Working with DSA Architects of South Africa, UK lighting design practice the Light Lab created a bespoke scheme for the 45-room Hemingways Hotel that gives a homely ambience, with floor and table lamps throughout.

In dining and meeting rooms, cove lighting is used to brighten ceilings while keeping fittings out of sight.

Marcus Cave of the Light Lab said: We used mainly LEDs throughout, as energy prices had exploded in Kenya during the design process. Africa is full of LEDs now, but cheap products, offering very poor output and unfriendly cool white light. One of the most important positives we brought to the design at Hemingways was introducing quality, dimmable, warm energy-efficient lighting.’

Downlighting is provided by Philips MR16 MasterLED lamps, while LED E27 dimmable globes are used in furniture items.

‘It was important to design with a high quality product which could easily be maintained locally,’ said Cave.

A dimming system from iLight makes it easy for staff at the hotel to select preset scenes. And the design team can be confident that the scheme and controls will do the job at all times of year.

‘The beauty of designing in Kenya is the light is the same all year round,’ said Cave. ‘There are no long nights or short days, and it gets dark at 6-7pm every night.’

Photos: Rajeev Mediratta, Lighting Solutions