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Lighting Industry Association will speed time to market with new lab and academy

Widening its angles: The LIA's new lab will expand the group's ability to measure the output of a light source from different angles, an increasingly important area as unidirectional LEDs populate the lighting world. (That is not the lab pictured above).

The UK’s Lighting Industry Association plans to use £1.3 million in fresh government funding to build a new testing lab and learning academy that would quicken the time to market for new products.

The LIA said in a press release that the new facilities would especially benefit the market for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The new laboratory will rise adjacent to the LIA’s existing lab at headquarters in Telford, England, where the LIA will also locate what it calls the Lighting Training Academy.

The new facilities ‘will shorten lead times for the introduction of new products especially for the UK SME market as well as raising awareness of the potential of such products,’ LIA CEO Steve Davies said.

The release noted that the lab ‘will house new state-of-the-art testing equipment that ordinarily would be out of reach of many of the Lighting SME’s.’

It will broaden LIA’s ability to test light levels from different angles – an increasingly important testing criteria as the market fills increasingly with LEDs, which are known to be one-directional light sources. (For the anoraks among us: LIA is adding a ‘Type C goniophotoemter’ to do this, LIA Laboratories general manager Mark Salt told Lux in an email).

It will also include equipment to test electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), Salt said. EMC is a field of growing interest amid concerns that LED lighting can interfere with digital radios and possibly other electronic devices.

The new academy will widen the LIA’s educational scope to ‘the whole lighting supply chain,’ including wholesalers and retailers, the release stated.

The LIA is an industry association representing the value chain.  It provides accreditation testing within European and UK lighting standards.

The group has not yet set a date for breaking ground on the new facilities.

Photo is from Telesniuk via Shutterstock