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The CFL filament lamp

Yes, it looks like a filament lamp, but it’s not. Believe it or not, it’s actually a super-narrow fluorescent tube, in a bulb, that looks similar, but uses just an eighth of the energy.

The technology behind the Factorylux bulb was developed by a Dutch lighting company called NDF, set up by a group of former Philips employees. In the UK, Urban Cottage Industries has been selling the original pear-shaped Eco-Filament lamp since last year, and now sells more of them than real filament lamps.

The new globe-shaped version was launched in January, and is also expected to overtake its incandescent counterpart. Urban Cottage Industries says the reduction in light quality and dimming functionality is ‘barely noticeable’.

The lamp has a warm colour temperature of 2300K and should last for 25,000 hours with 50,000 switching cycles. The Eco-Filament has already featured in many high profile projects – including the Christmas window displays at Liberty of London.