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Cruise ship operator cuts energy by more than half with major LED upgrade

Holiday cruise company Costa Cruises has installed 300,000 LED luminaires in its cruise ships to cut CO2 emissions and reduce energy consumption by 60 per cent.

Philips carried out the relamping of the first three ships in 2013, with the remaining seven completed by December 2014. The company is also involved in upgrading the lighting at Costa Cruises’ Genoa headquarters to LEDs.

Philips’ MasterLED spotlights and CoreProLED tubes were specified to provide a ‘bright, warm and inviting’ ambience.

Electricity aboard ships is powered by diesel motors, and the LED lighting project is expected to save 30,000 tonnes in CO2 emissions each year.

Nicola Kimm, head of sustainability for Philips Lighting, said: ‘Think of cruise ships as self-contained mini floating cities, powered by their own energy supply. Switching from 50W bulbs to 7W LED technology increases energy efficiency by more than halving each ship’s electricity consumption required for lighting.’

The project gives Philips a foothold in a rapidly expanding industry. Revenues from global cruising are predicted to reach almost US $40bn (£26bn) in 2015 – a 6.9 per cent increase over 2014.