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Lighting with confidence

Lighting products on test at the LIA's lab in Telford

The lighting industry has seen considerable change in recent years as a result of the rise of LEDs.

LED light sources from the leading manufacturers offer the quality and reliability that specifiers and end users demand, as do luminaires designed to optimise the performance of LED light sources.

But there are a lot of products entering the market that do not meet the required standards – yet achieve a certain level of market penetration because they’re cheap. Specifiers without much experience of LED technology can struggle to assess the performance of these products.

Until recently most of the information about a particular light source was on its packaging or buried deep in the product’s supporting documentation. There was very little independent verification of claims regarding compliance with safety regulations, lumen output or longevity.

It was for this reason that the LIA Laboratories launched its LIA Labs Verified scheme last year to provide a complete testing, verification and certification service for lamps, LED modules, control gear and luminaires.

The scheme provides reassurance that products will deliver the required safety and performance. It means the product in the box does exactly what it says on the box.

LIA Laboratories recently received accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025, endorsing our ability to provide accurate, unbiased data and conform with the latest legislation.

The testing process begins by verifying basic safety, such as checking for overvoltage and that components are mounted correctly. We then test photometry using our goniophotometer and photometric spheres, and measure lamp life in our specially designed lamp room.

Equipment verified by the scheme gets a certificate and can carry the LIA Labs Verified and Energy Saving Trust brand. Verified products are also published on LIA Labs’ certification website with full report details.