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NSW Labor’s 2015 election promise: LED lighting in public hospitals

There is only one way to go from the bottom of the Climate Change Performance index, which is where Australia has landed due to the Abbott government's take on energy policy. NSW Labor leader Luke Foley wants to invest in energy-efficient lighting and get renewable energy targets back on track.

Public hospitals could be in for a massive LED upgrade and potential savings of $72 million if Labor wins the NSW state election at the end of the month.

New South Wales Labor would spend $37.4 million upgrading fluorescent and incandescent lighting in public hospitals to LED, party leader Luke Foley has announced as part of what he calls the ‘most comprehensive environment policy ever released in Australia’.

Speaking at Wentworth Falls on Tuesday in the currently Liberal seat of Blue Mountains, Foley pledged a total of $150 million for environmental purposes.

Foley said a $37 million investment in new hospital lighting would cut power bills by about $72 million over 15 years, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. The savings would be directed back to the health system.

‘[This is] the most comprehensive environment policy that any political party has ever put to an election anywhere in Australia,’ Foley said.

Foley also pledged to enshrine in law a 20 per cent renewable energy target for NSW by 2020. The Abbott government, by contrast, has signalled a desire to weaken the national renewable energy target

‘Labor’s plan for a green energy future to address the threat of climate change stands in stark contrast to the Liberals, who are high on rhetoric rather than action,’ Foley said.

Environment Minister Rob Stokes is cited in the Sydney Morning Herald saying that the government is investing $350 million in energy efficiency across NSW hospitals and government departments, and had provided $1.3 million to renewable energy projects in the past 18 months.


Photo by Kate Ausburn / Flickr via Wikimedia Commons