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Acuity partners with sensing specialist to bolster internet of things

Eyes in the sky: And ears, and brains. Lighting is heading into the all-seeing, all-knowing, all-doing Internet of Things through partnerships like the one between Acuity and Sensity.

For the second time in as many weeks, LED lighting specialist Acuity Brands has moved to bolster its presence in the fledgling internet of things.

Acuity said in a press release it has partnered with smart lighting networks firm Sensity Systems to add intelligence to outdoor lighting in cities and in commercial, retail, airport and university environments.

California-based Sensity specialises in emedding sensors and internet connections into luminaires and tying them into what it calls a ‘light sensory network.’

The technology is intended to help boost lighting’s role as the backbone of intelligent information networks. Cities, for example, could use lighting networks to watch things like traffic and to reroute commuters accordingly.

“An integrated platform that provides energy-efficient LED lighting with a sensor network to capture and transmit near real-time data will further enhance the business case for LED luminaire installations,” said Acuity CEO Vernon Nagel.

Atlanta-based Acuity, a $2.4 billion company that markets LED lighting under a variety of brands, said it is eying applications in ‘energy conservation, public services, safety and security, parking, and a wide variety of other applications,’ and that the move would help connect lighting into the ‘Industrial Internet of Things.’

The Sensity partnerhsip comes on the heels of Acuity’s $249 million acquisition of Canadian buildings automation company Distech, another move aimed at catapulting Acuity into the IoT era.

It also comes a few months after Sensity teamed with networking giant Cisco to offer a lighting-based digital city management system.

Photo is from Somchai Rakin via Shutterstock