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What smart lighting can do for you

The ‘internet of things’ is no longer just a buzzword – users of lighting are waking up to its potential to cut costs, create value and open up new opportunities.

At Lux‘s Smart Lighting Controls Europe conference, Matthew Cargill, BMS controls engineer at Gatwick Airport, said: ‘We have to be clever about how we can produce some energy savings. Using smart lighting you have the ability to do that. No one actually really notices it, but we are making a saving.’

Alan Richardson of Intu shopping centres says IP addressable light fittings could help make control and maintenance much easier and cheaper.

Peter Manolescue of Vodafone’s machine-to-machine (M2M) division, said: ‘Lighting can be used as part of the infrastructure to take data from specific points, but it itself produces data which can be very useful in the internet of things, and in understanding how people and systems are working together and generating data for further analysis.’

Watch the video above to hear how smart controls are changing the world of lighting.