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New Zealand ‘will surpass other countries’ adopting LED and controls

Making NZ$66 million available for local authorities to convert existing road lighting to LED is not a bad way to impress the international lighting community. A Canadian lighting expert has praised New Zealand’s recent funding initiative, saying that it is not only catching up with the rest of the world, but speeding ahead of other countries when it comes to adoption of LEDs and controls.

‘The industry, locally, has been a bit slow in adopting , but now we feel very clearly that New Zealand is moving forward and they’re not only going to catch up with other countries but also surpass them rapidly,’ said Denis Lavoie, president of LED Roadway Lighting which is based in Canada.

The hitherto slow adoption of LEDs in Australia and New Zealand means that controls have caught up, allowing cities to embrace smart lighting.

Lavoie said: ‘I think New Zealand and Australia will be progressing with LEDs and controls at the same time. The market here waited a bit to adopt and now it’s clear that new LED products have to be at least control-ready, if not controllable right away. That’s what we’re seeing here, a lot of projects are being done with controls, which is a good thing.’

Lavoie added: ‘Twelve months ago, Australia and New Zealand were held back by standards. Now things are moving forward. There seems to be money available as well, so changes will happen fast now.’ 

The markets in New Zealand and Australia are requesting more or less the same products as elsewhere, Lavoie told Lux Review. ‘The difference has been minimal. Just little tweaks.’