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Incandescent bulb ban on the cards in Qatar

Any incandescent lights on this Doha street will have to go if Qatar's government pushes ahead with a ban on traditional light bulbs

Qatar is considering following other Gulf countries in banning incandescent lamps, according to reports.

The Arabic daily paper Arrayah quoted Mohamed Saif Al-Kuwari, an official in charge of testing and standardisation at the Ministry of Environment, as saying: ‘The decision to ban tungsten lamps is being made as they are found to be at least 30 per cent more energy consuming and studies have found the lamps are making enormous emounts of thermal emissions which contribute to harm the environment.’

The country is looking to adopt standards for energy-efficient lighting as part of its new construction code.

The warmth and sparkle of incandescent has proved popular for use in chandeliers and decorative fittings in the Middle East, where energy costs are relatively low.

But a renewed push for energy efficiency, and the rise of LED alternatives to traditional light sources, has turned the attention of government’s in the region to getting rid of inefficient lighting technologies. 

Bahrain is considering steps to phase out incandescent and halogen this year, while an incandescent bulb ban in the UAE came into effect on 1 January 2015. Saudi Arabia is also looking at new regulations for light sources as part of its national energy efficiency programme.