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Why this supplier believes Dubai’s offices and hotels are ready to embrace LED – big time

The Middle East may be a little behind Europe when it comes to adopting energy-saving LED lighting, but one supplier is convinced the tipping point is upon us.

UK lighting manufacturer Future Designs, which recently switched its entire product range to LED, is now targeting the Middle East region, with sales consultant George Clarke based full-time in Dubai. The company also sells through local lighting and acoustics specialist Acoulite.

The company has carved out a niche as a supplier of lighting to high end offices, particularly in London’s financial district.

Now it wants to repeat that success in the Middle East, working on properties operated by some of its existing UK clients, and seeking out new ones – particularly in the areas of offices and hotels.

Experience in the UK is a valuable selling point for lighting suppliers in Dubai, says Clements, especially as many buildings are built to standards from the European Union, or from European professional associations.

As later adopters of LED, the Middle East will have an easier ride than other regions have, says Future Designs’ managing director David Clements

Future Designs’ managing director David Clements told Lux: ‘There is no doubt that LED lighting technology is now the medium of choice for the commercial, retail and education sectors. After six years of research and development we can now advocate its use with certainty. The lifecycle costing data proves LED offers better long-term savings in terms of energy, carbon reduction and maintenance, as well as offering greater flexibility for designers.

‘We became almost 18 months ago, an almost uniquely LED manufacturing organisation. Dubai was 18 months or two years behind the UK on this, but now most of the projects we’re bidding on and designing are using LED. And they’re not the guinea pig – whereas some of the early LED projects in Europe were a bit seat-of-the-pants, now it goes out there with a firm reputation.’

The government push for energy-efficiency in the UAE is another reason for the move, Clements says. ‘Once that trend takes over out there it will become the norm to use LED even in the domestic world.’