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Flagship Adidas store in Beijing goes all-LED – with more stores to follow

Adidas is the world’s second biggest sportswear brand, and has more than 1,000 of its own stores around the globe.

The Adidas Brand Centre in Beijing is the brand’s flagship store in the country, and its largest in the world.

The store has 3,300m2 of retail space on four floors in the city’s Sanlitun Village shopping mall. It has recently been completely redesigned, becoming the first in the world to have a new design that Adidas is calling HomeCourt.


Each part of the four-storey store has its own feel

Six brands

Adidas wanted to build a space with clearly distinguished zones for its different brands. The store is broken down into six zones: Adidas, Adidas Originals, Neo, the Stella McCartney range, Y-3 and Porsche Design. Each has its own visual style and ambience, and needed a lighting design to suit.

The company turned to Chinese lighting giant Opple to find a solution. Zuo Xuan, Wang Yudong and Ju Meiyi from Opple’s design team worked on the lighting for the project, which started last summer and was completed in January this year.

The scheme includes spotlights, gimbals, linear fittings, decorative pendants and under-shelf lighting for displaying items such as shoes and bags. LED luminaires were used throughout the store.


Lighting is designed to fit with Adidas’ Neo brand

Young and vibrant

In the youth-focused Neo section, colour-changing RGB luminaires create a dynamic atmosphere and emphasise the vibrant feeling of the brand.

Each of the four floors has a different height, which affects the angles of the luminaires and the way in which spaces and displays can be lit. Every brand has a distinct feeling that had to be maintained by creating a clear contrast between each space.

After the success of the project, Adidas has signed a long-term supply and service contract with Opple in the Chinese market.