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Efficient, long-lasting lights that turn off when they’re not needed – warehouse lighting’s simple, really

With 81 stores, Hobbycraft is the UK’s largest arts and crafts retailer.

This year it’s opening more stores, and a brand new distribution centre in Burton-on-Trent will play a key role in supporting its expansion plans.

But despite its long operating hours, the site is keeping its energy consumption low thanks to T5 fluorescent fittings and controls from Dexeco.

In fact, the supplier estimates that energy use is just one fifth of what would have been used by a traditional HID (high-intensity discharge) lighting scheme.

More than 300 high-level fittings and 1,000 batten fittings have been installed at the warehouse, all controlled with daylight and presence detection so they’re only on when they’re really needed.

Dexeco’s Verteco high-level T5 fitting is designed as an energy-saving alternative to traditional HID (high-intensity discharge) luminaires for open-plan spaces including warehouses, workshops, distribution facilities and high-ceilinged retail spaces.

With a light output ratio of more than 93 per cent, and a longer lamp life than HID, the fittings keep energy and maintenance costs low. And controls push the energy bill down even further. The Verteco has a number of sensor options to provide the right lighting for open areas or for racking aisles of different heights.

Meanwhile Dexretail, a sister company of Dexeco in the Dextra Group, has provided lighting for many of Hobbycraft’s 81 UK shops, most recently in Bedford.

Dexretail was approached by Hobbycraft’s store development team in 2011.

Now, following two successful trials in Newton Abbot and Hereford, the luminaires are approved for use and have been written into Hobbycraft’s electrical specification.

The lighting design also means that fewer fittings are needed – the Hi-Light recessed luminaire, used in under-mezzanine areas, is designed to light the vertical plane of displays below, taking away the need for wallwashers.

Overall, this means a saving of 39 per cent on energy, adding up to £3,250 ($5,050) a year.

In the full-height sales areas the T5 Sky-Light luminaire was installed, mounted at a height of six metres. In stores that have roof lights this was coupled with integral daylight sensors to regulate the light level throughout the store.

In the back-of-house storage areas Hobbycraft has installed 49W Ecopak T5 battens, with the addition of integral presence sensors and bi-level dimming. The fittings operate at 100 per cent when presence is detected and then dim down to 10 per cent when no one is there. By dimming the fittings down to 10 per cent rather than switching them off completely, lamp life is extended and there is enough light to keep the area safe and support CCTV.

Energy Dashboard

80%energy saved in distribution centre,
compared to HID
£3,250Annual saving on lighting
in one store