China seizes thousands of fake LED tubes

Boob tubes: LED replacements for fluorescent tubes (pictured) are popular for retrofitting energy-saving tech into existing installations. But watch what you buy. Phoney products could make a boob of you.

Chinese authorities have seized thousands of counterfeit LED tubes made to look like they’re from one of China’s largest lighting manufacturers – a reminder to commercial lighting users to keep an eye out for fakes.

LEDinside, citing the Nanhu Evening News, said that the 8,000 tubes had been falsely stamped as being from Shanghai-based Opple Lighting.

Will the real Opple please stand up: The (genuine) Opple European headquarters in Eindhoven. Chinese authorities recently seized a batch of fakes in the company’s home country.

Officials found them in a flat in Jiaxing, a large east coast city with a special state export processing zone. It is not clear whether the tubes were headed for the foreign or domestic market. Opple has been aggressively expanding around the world including in Europe, India, the Middle East and Latin America.

‘In late March this year, the bureau (the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Jiaxing) found nearly 7,980 crude looking Opple LED tubes in ugly wrapped packages in three rooms of a flat in Nanhu district,’ LEDinside wrote.

Authorities sent samples to Opple, which reported that they ‘had infringed Opple’s registered trademark.’

The tubes had a value of about $28,000.

Top photo is from Shutterstock. Opple photo is from Wikimedia.