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Arena overhaul starts with LED lighting in West Virginia capital

Jumping away from coal: West Virginia generates over 90 per cent of its electricity from coal (spot the 'Friends of Coal' logo under the leaping players at centre court of the Charleston arena) making it a CO2 culprit. New energy efficient LED lighting could chip away at the carbon footprint.

They have some grand plans for modernising the nearly 60-year-old Charleston Civic Center – an indoor arena and convention centre in West Virginia’s capital. And it has all begun with lighting, as crews have just completed an LED installation at the arena, which can seat nearly 14,000 people.

The Charleston news website WSAZreports that the arena replaced 58 1,000-watt metal halide lamps with 24 595-watt LED lamps, aiming to cut energy consumption by 40 per cent and to improve lighting conditions of events such as basketball games and concerts.

The LED lights will provide brighter illumination and will eliminate shadows in the playing areas, marking improvements for performers, spectators and television broadcasters, the article states. It will also also allow stadium operators to turn the lights on immediately, rather than warming them up to full brightness.

The new lighting arrives in time for the Beach Boys, who are scheduled to play next month.

The Charleston Civic Center purchased the lights from Ephesus Lighting, the same New York state supplier that outfitted Arizona’s University of Phoenix football stadium with LED lights, used in last February’s Super Bowl.

The venue is also upgrading the sound system, scoreboard and many other physical aspects, including a modern architectural overhaul of the adjoining convention hall and lobby, in a $60 million project set to run over the next three years. It is funding the projects through a new sales tax.

Photo is from Kathy Marcum via Pinterest