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Utility offers free lighting upgrades for schools and municipalities in New York State

School eligibility: Schools in the Hudson River Valley, like this one in New Paltz, New York, could receive 100 per cent funding on LED lighting installations.

Schools and municipalities north of New York City that want to upgrade their lighting to modern LED technology now have another source of funding: Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp.

The energy utility is offering free lighting overhauls ‘while funding lasts’. Once Central Hudson allocates the $1 million it has for the programme, it will carry on with an earlier initiative that will cover up to 70 per cent of costs.

The funding includes LED lamps as well as T8 fluorescents for interiors, and covers LED fixtures for exteriors such as outdoor parking and campus lighting.

In some circumstances, ‘depending on the anticipated energy savings’, Central Hudson will pay all of the conversion costs, the company told Lux.

‘LED lighting is highly efficient, and can save municipalities and school districts approximately 50 per cent or more on their electric lighting bills as compared to fluorescent lighting,’ the utility said. ‘Upgrades from standard fluorescent lighting to the newest T8 lamps and fixtures offer substantial savings as well, up to 30 per cent, at a lower upfront cost.’

Central Hudson serves about 300,000 electric and 75,000 natural gas customers in a broad area stretching some 150 miles (240km) from the northern New York City suburbs to state capital Albany, covering 2,600 square miles (6,700km2) and eight counties, many of which border the Hudson River. It aims to cut energy consumption by the equivalent of 400 homes through the new initiative, and to make working environments safer and brighter.

Photo is from Daniel Case via Wikimedia