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The 10 best energy-efficient replacements for retro-style filament lamps

The Altes Handelhaus restaurant in Plauen, Germany has a homely feel thanks to retrofit candle lamps from Vosla

Want the look and feel of incandescent without the gulit? Here are 10 lovely energy-saving alternatives.

Incandescent lamps are everywhere these days.  Which is surprising, considering that (in Europe, at least) they’re banned. Well, they’re banned-ish. The rules are that you can’t buy an incandescent, unless it’s for industrial use. But buyers seem to be interpreting ‘industrial use’ pretty broadly, so the lighting solution of choice in trendy bars is a technology that the European Union has just phased out. Go figure. Here at Lux , we like a bit of retro industrial chic as much as the next guy, but we also like energy efficiency and sustainability. And there are lots of lovely ways to light a cafe without resorting to obsolete technologies that haemhorrage electricity. If you want the incandescent look, here are a few alternatives that are more environmentally friendly and cheaper to run.


1   Bright Goods
LED filament lamps with vintage appeal

The Bright Goods range of filament-style retrofit LED lamps from LED Eco Lights is designed to offer a timeless vintage feel. The range includes globes, candles, pear shaped and traditional GLS bulbs to simplify the creation of a desired ambience or atmosphere.




2   Vosla
Vintage LED lamps from Germany

These LED lamps from German manufacturer Vosla look like incandescent, but use just a tenth of the energy. They’ve got a warm colour temperature of 2700K and a CRI of more than 90, plus they retain that old-fashioned filament style.




3   Verbatim
Life-like candle lamps

Verbatim’s candle lamps offer exceptional colour quality, thanks to the VxRGB technology developed by parent company Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. Alongside the standard version, there’s one with an extra-warm colour temperature, one that flickers like a candle, and one that warms as it dims.




4   Ramselaar
Old school filament lamps in LED

These LED lamps, with the same dimensions as conventional incandescents, have been used in venues including the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation and the Van Loon Museum, a grand Amsterdam canal house conserved in the style of the 18th century.



LED filament lamps

UKLED was one of the first companies making LED candles that look like this, with the old-fashioned ‘filament’ style appearance. Lux was very impressed with them when we reviewed a sample last year.




6   Megaman
Dim-to-warm lamps

Megaman’s new LED lamps don’t just look like incandescent, they behave like it. Dim them down below 100 per cent, and instead of keeping the same colour temperature, as most LEDs do, they become warmer in colour, just like incandescent.




7   Factorylux
The CFL filament lamp

Yes, it looks like a filament lamp, but it’s not. Believe it or not, it’s actually a super-narrow fluorescent tube, in a bulb, that looks similar, but uses just an eighth of the energy.





8   Philips
Dimmable retrofit lamps

With a warm colour temperature of 2700K, Philips’ dimmable Master LED candle lamps are ideal for general hospitality lighting and even for decorative use in chandeliers. They feature a unique, eye-catching lens design.



9   Sylvania
Incandescent lamps recreated in LED

This LED lamp from Sylvania gives you the squirrel cage effect with none of the energy wastage. Sylvania has been producing lamps of all kinds for more than 90 years, and now it’s putting its expertise into recreating the look and feel of incandescent and halogen, using LEDs.



10   Osram
LED lamp with unique optics

Unique optics in the new Osram LED classic portfolio radiate at angles of up to 300°. The optical design is consistent across all lamp types, giving uniform appearance, and lower costs.


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