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Will a basement in the Middle East be the next conquest of the CoeLux skylight?

The CoeLux skylight, which artificially reproduces the effect of sunlight indoors, is now for sale in the Gulf region. Lighting and acoustics specialist Acoulite has told Lux that it is now selling the groundbreaking skylight which won the Lux Award for Light Source Innovation of the Year in 2014.

Terry Woodley, managing director of Acoulite, said: ‘CoeLux is an amazing addition to our portfolio of lighting products, offering something truly innovative that delivers quality daylight within spaces otherwise impossible for natural light to reach.’ 

CoeLux has attracted global admiration and media attention but industry figures have hitherto doubted whether there would be any buyers for the expensive but pioneering product.

As Lux reported today, the Humanitas University Hospital in Milan has recently taken the plunge and become the first owner of a CoeLux skylight.

It is installed in the hospital’s radiosurgery department, where patients are treated for brain tumours.

The idea is that the effect of sunlight will make patients feel better physically and mentally, while reducing the anxious feeling of being in an enclosed, windowless space.

CoeLux, the result of 10 years of research by Italian inventor Paolo di Trapani, uses a layer of nanomaterials to recreate the natural effect that makes the sky blue, known as Rayleigh scattering. It also creates an illusion that the light source is further away than it actually is, so it looks like the sun.

As well as being ideal for hospitals and other healthcare settings, CoeLux’s Middle East seller advises that the skylight has ‘a myriad of potential applications’ in retail, residential and hospitality environments.