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Servcorp kicks off global LED upgrade with massive energy savings in its Australian HQ

Servcorp's new lighting system allows managers to customise light levels for different departments. This is a screen grab from the video below, showing the new LED lighting in Servcorp's headquarters in Sydney.

Servcorp provides office space in over 150 locations and 23 countries worldwide, accommodating over 40,000 companies. All these work spaces are about to get new, controlled LED lighting that will take a massive chunk off their power bill, and allow companies to tailor their lighting more precisely for their workers’ needs.

The Australian office space provider has already started the upgrade in Australia and the UK, and has achieved energy savings of 70 per cent in its head office in Sydney.

‘That’s off the back of using 30 per cent less fittings than we’d need with traditional fluorescent technology, and that’s a real, sustainable win for Servcorp, says Matt Baumgartner, Servcorp’s chief information officer.

‘Given our current consumption patterns, the retrofit means we won’t have to replace a light for another twenty years. That means our maintenance costs come down to zero,’ Baumgartner adds.

The global upgrade will include  integrated motion and daylight sensors, and a Dali control system allows the offices to set different light levels for different departments.

As our knowledge about the biological effects of certain light levels increases, Servcorp could potentially make use of that option to increase workers’ wellbeing.

Nualight, the provider of LED tiles for Servcorp’s work spaces, alludes to this potential in an article about the project on its website: ‘From bright light for number-crunching in the finance department to lower light for creative work in the design department, everyone has the light that helps them to work at their best.’

Baumgartner appears to concur: ‘Servcorp strives to create an inviting and comfortable working environent for both our teams and the 40,000 businesses that use our service. Nualight’s solution has created a happier and more productive working environment for both.’

Baumgartner expects the project to have paid for itself within three years. ‘Servcorp is committed to sustainability and to achieving the highest quality fit-outs and getting a really quick return for any capital invested,’ he says.