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9 retailers that are reaping the benefits of great lighting

From car showrooms to clothing stores to chocolatiers and opticians, these retail professionals know how to illuminate:



Mykita, Berlin Eyewear manufacturer Mykita wanted the lighting at its second Berlin outlet to reflect the accuracy and precision of its products but complement the minimalism of the interior, which is dominated by a 31m backlit display wall. Erco LED spotlights pick out the product displays and sales counter and diffuse light on the walls creates a sense of depth. Warm white light on the sales floor contrasts with neutral white in the area used for eye tests and fittings, where clarity is essential. The listed ceiling meant the luminaires had to be mounted on a suspended track.



John Lewis, York A light art installation suspended above the rear staircase in a John Lewis store encourages customers to circulate. Paul Nulty Lighting Design intended to use linear LEDs, but budgetary constraints forced a switch to Philips’ Master TL-D Xtreme fluorescent T8 lamps. The mass of suspended lamps suggests the shape of a breaking wave, engulfing customers in light as they mount or descend the staircase. Philips lamp, usually associated with industrial applications, has an output of 105 lm/W and lasts for 40,000 hours, giving it parity with its LED equivalent.



Maison Pierre Marcolini, Paris Belgian chocolatier Pierre Marcolini’s fourth Parisian outlet is a diminutive boutique. The lighting had to display the products to best effect while conveying the discreet ambience of a luxury brand. Into Lighting’s all-LED scheme uses luminaires with a high CRI to preserve the rich colour of the chocolate. The displays are evenly lit using bespoke detailed lighting along the shelves. Only a few downlights were used to keep the ceiling pristine, and linear LEDs frame the ceiling coffers. Lutron controls alter the lighting for different events.



The White Company, Norwich An all-LED lighting scheme by Dalziel and Pow at The White Company’s new store in Norwich is programmed to change the mood throughout the day. The effect is produced by Reggiani Unimosa LED downlights and a large tuneable white backlit ceiling over the central stairwell, linked to a Helvar Dali dimming system. Three settings alter the ambience from bright and fresh in the morning to softer in the afternoon and relaxing in the evening. The surrounding homeware and clothing departments are lit by Reggiani spotlights, downlights and projectors.



Kent & Curwen, London Kent & Curwen has been producing men’s sporting wear since 1926. The brand was purchased in 2012 and the new owners wanted to refurbish the flagship Savile Row shop to reflect a more contemporary, youthful look. Illumination Works developed a lighting scheme using metal halide and halogen sources to create intensity and warmth, with linear LEDs for display shelving and miniature LED spotlights to highlight mannequins. The design will be rolled out to outlets worldwide.





Westerly Mini, Exeter The Westerly Mini dealership in Exeter has redesigned its showroom to emphasise the playful appeal of its iconic vehicles and create a senseof excitement at promotional events. The lighting brief demanded an increase inlight intensity from 500 to 800 lx in the display area, with extensive use of adjustable directional sources to cope with changing layouts. Dextra Lighting’s Gyro-Light recessed gimbal luminaires fulfilled the requirements, installed in single, twin and quadruple clusters with individually adjustable heads and CDM-T lamps or LEDs as required.



BMW showrooms, UK A lighting scheme has been developed to complement the elegant design and environmental credentials of the BMW i3 electric and i8 hybrid cars. MDG Architects worked with The Environmental Network (TEN) to create a design for two UK showrooms, replacing halogen lamps with LED luminaires. Based on Toshiba E-Core downlights, panels, Par 16 reflector lamps and a Neogrid baselight, the scheme delivers 800 lx in a neutral white colour temperature. Switching to LEDs can help car dealerships cut their energy and maintenance costs by more than 70 per cent, according to TEN.



Bentley Hero Light The Hero Light was designed by Tim Hunt of Arup as a centrepiece for Bentley showrooms. The outsize pendant fitting has a 6m-diameter aluminium frame with Barrisol fabric cladding the top and bottom. A linear flexible strip LED on the inside of the fabric shroud can be controlled to produce different effects. The high CRI light sources reflect off the paint finish of the car below, accentuating the unique form and classic lines of the car. The modular luminaire weighs under 250kg and can be assembled on site.



Vauxhall Brand Centre, Staples Corner Reggiani worked with Vauxhall and retailer group Now to light the showroom, the mezzanine, the underlying show areas and the main office area at this site. In the showroom, four lengths of track were installed and suspended from the ceiling at 6m. Each is fitted with a series of high-output, wide-beam 39W Envios projectors, interspersed with a few narrow-beam Envios. The wide-beam projectors provide effective general lighting and the narrow-beam fittings ensure the specified 1,000 lx per bonnet is delivered effectively.