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Lush casino taps LEDs not just for energy savings, but for ambience too

It’s easy to assume that a palatial scattering of extraordinarily large luminaires will ante up the power bill, but the glittery  and dramatic crystal chandeliers of the Ponte 16 casino in Macau are as energy-efficient as they are opulent.

The immense chandelier at the resort’s exterior was fitted with LED sources 

Designed to embrace Macau’s Portuguese and Chinese heritage, the Ponte 16 resort in the historic centre of Macau consists of a five-star hotel, casino, retail complex and unique Michael Jackson Gallery, with extravagant chandeliers tying together the grandiose look and feel of the place.

These lavish chandeliers are some of the most prominent decorative features in the resort, so when the management wanted to install more energy-efficient lighting, it was vital that the end result would give the same look and feel as the previous halogen lights had provided. 


A holistic approach

Matthew Chu, general manager of lamp vendor Megaman in Hong Kong said: ‘From the installation of the chiller system, air conditioning and ventilation through to temperature control and the lighting system, Ponte 16 has always adopted a holistic approach to achieving energy efficiency, by using as many eco-friendly appliances as possible.’

The new LED lamps achieve the same luxurious look and feel as their halogen predecessors

Luckily, LED technology has improved massively since the hospitality sector first started experimenting with the early generation of cold, blue lamps that came with the promise of energy savings and long lifecycles but left the punters with sickly green skin.

These days, more LED lamps come in warm colour temperatures that suit the ambience of a place like Ponte 16. Better technology also means that it’s possible to find LED light sources that can dim all the way down without flickering.

The management at Ponte 16 decided it was high time to take advantage of the benefits offered by new LED technology, and went for a complete retrofit.  

In the chandeliers themselves, significant energy savings were made by replacing the 40W G9 halogens and 25W incandescent lamps with Megaman light sources using just 5-7W. The management felt that these lamps achieved the sparkle and brightness of halogen over the casino tables. 

The candle lamps in the hallway chandeliers are dimmable 

The immense chandelier at the resort’s exterior was fitted with LED versions of traditional bulb lamps and PAR38 reflectors lamps. 

In the VIP Hall, hundreds of 4W LED MR16 reflector lamps have replaced 20W halogens.


Dimming and saving

Being able to dim the lights was a particularly important criteria for the management when it came to choosing light sources for the casino’s energy-efficient retrofit. Not only are the LED candle lamps dimmable, so are the MR16s, PAR38s and classic bulbs. As well as allowing the management team to set and adjust the mood in the resort with a variety of lighting scenes, the dimmable lamps help the resort save energy and money during off-peak periods when not many guests are in.  

Opting for LEDs paid off. After installing over 5,000 LED lamps, the Ponte 16 resort now achieves savings of just under 1,446,000 kWh and 1,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. This equates to an electricity bill saving of just under US$170,000 annually.

‘The resort has significantly benefited in terms of energy reduction, electricity bill savings and CO2 emissions,’ said Chu. ‘Most importantly, all this has been achieved with no negative impact on the overall look and feel of the resort.’

Energy Dashboard

332,404kwhEnergy consumption
233 tonnesCO2 emissions