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10 hospitality and leisure lighting schemes that will inspire you


Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge

Hoare Lea Lighting designed and implemented the lighting of the dining hall at Trinity Hall, Cambridge. The traditional medieval dining hall dates back to the 14th century. The Hall is used daily as a cafeteria as well as for formal dining twice a week, and for events such as conferences and weddings. Hoare Lea Lighting created a contemporary lighting layout, suitable for various functions, while remaining faithful to the original architecture and finishes.







C/O Berlin Gallery

After years of changing locations, the C/O Berlin Gallery has found a permanent home in the Amerika Haus, a former US cultural centre. The gallery had used Erco products in its previous exhibition spaces, and has continued to use the track design, but with new Erco LED luminaires which are more compact and efficient. Interchangeable lenses allow luminaires to be adjusted to suit each exhibition – be it accent lighting or uniform wall illumination.





Qatar Handball Association Complex, Doha

At this year’s World Handball Championship, the competing teams were able to settle who was best in a stadium lit with the latest and most efficient LED lights. The Qatar Handball Association Complex in Doha, which was built for the championship, had its façade and outdoor areas equipped with LED floodlights, wallwashers, strip lights and tape. The fittings, provided by Grupo MCI, are controlled with a DMX system with presence control.







New England Aquarium , Boston, Massachusetts

The New England Aquarium in Boston recently underwent a $17.8 million renovation that included the installation of Acolyte static blue RibbonLyte in the new ‘shark wall’. Life-size shark displays are backlit with Acolyte’s blue LEDs. The blue RibbonLyte accentuates the silvery-grey shark graphics that adorn the aquarium wall, adding depth and vibrancy to the display. The architect and exhibit designer was C7A.






Four Seasons Resort, jumeirah Beach, Dubai

The Four Seasons Resort at Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach opened last year. The five-star venue, owned by H&H Hospitality, is a glamorous new resort featuring lighting designed by Craig Roberts Associates in its interiors, outdoor areas and façade. Luminaires from Lucent, GE, ACDC, Ecosense and KKDC were used, supplied by local company Huda Lighting. The scheme features textured walls lit vertically from above to bring out the patterns.





Intu Lakeside Food Hall, Essex, England

The food hall at the Intu Lakeside shopping centre features a scheme designed by Lighting Design International, using products from ACDC. The scheme minimises visible light fittings by using linear LED concealed in various details. These provide even illumination while creating visually interesting and bright soffits. This lighting base is punctuated with pendants, and a few downlights. Large bespoke pendants draw shoppers up the escalators.



Plaza Premium Lounge, Heathrow Airport

Aurora Projects designed and developed a complete, dimmable LED lighting solution for the Plaza Premium Lounge at Heathrow Airport’s new Terminal 2, which opened last year. This striking, 600m2 business class lounge was designed by celebrated Hong Kong interior designer Kinney Chan of KCA. The design of the lighting helps to separate this calm and relaxing space from the rest of the busy airport terminal.




The Daryl Roth Theatre, New York

The Daryl Roth Theatre, a former bank and a New York City landmark, now has a striking new lighting scheme on its 1840s façade. The entrance is framed by four spectacular Corinthian columns. Once night falls, 150 custom LED fixtures from Acolyte project up and down the walls of the theatre creating the perfect lighting effect from top to bottom. Wide custom optics from the tandem fixtures emphasise the bold and classical façade of this majestic building.



Hyndburn Leisure Centre

Hyndburn Borough Council has upgraded the lighting at Hyndburn Leisure Centre with the help of funding from Sport England. The council chose MHA Lighting’s LED technology offering high uniformity, good colour rendering and low glare. MHA designed a bespoke solution for the sports hall, installing 40 LED luminaires into the existing high bay infrastructure. Overall lighting energy consumption was reduced by 64 per cent, and light levels on the floor were raised to 500 lx.



Beaumont Hotel, London

IlluminationWorks designed lighting for a room specially designed by artist Antony Gormley at London’s Beaumont Hotel. Described as an experiential work of art, it looks from outside like a huge robotic figure kneeling on the roof. Inside, it’s a bedroom, with linear lighting integrated into the furniture and two LED projectors lighting the bed, without spilling light on the dark floor. At first, the LED linear lights wouldn’t dim as low as Gormley wanted, so special filters were used.