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Lux’s Lighting Spy investigates the case of the overheated hotel

Subject location NH Hotel, near Schipol Airport, Netherlands

Date 20 January 2015

Weather conditions Cold, cloudy

Interior 1980s Argos

Opening hours 24/7


People worry that LED will ruin their ‘look and feel’ – here it could improve it

Investigator’s notes

New year, same old headaches. My old boss Molony has taken off to run some fancy schmancy lighting rag where he says they just don’t care about energy.The new guy Bain – tricky one – says it’s time I started taking my investigations beyond whatever grimy bar I’ve regained consciousness in that afternoon, or else he’ll find himself a new sleuth.

He’s put me on a new assignment to get some intel on the hotel trade. Now, in the UK all the hotels are slamming in LEDs as if they’re going out of fashion (which they ain’t by the way). So I says to myself, let’s get on a plane to Amsterdam. And whaddya know, I barely had to leave the airport to sniff out an energy crime, at the NH Hotel.

Hotels near airports are always busy. My bed was still warm from the last guest. Almost as warm was the reception area, which is fully lit 24/7 with halogen downlights. Just take a look at the scorch marks on the ceiling. I’ve seen guys emerge from burning buildings with less burns.


Agent action

OK, we got lots of options here, from retrofit lamps to replacement fixtures. But I gotta be careful – the MR16s are the main light source in the room, so I can’t be messing around with no peak candela measurements instead of real lumens. We’re gonna need something like 680 lumens per fixture – and that’s tough to find in a plug-and-play retrofit. So let’s go for a whole new fixture. I’m placing my bet on a known performer with a cast-iron guarantee: the Imp 70 Series from my old buddies Lumenpulse AlphaLED. Job done.

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