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Abu Dhabi’s pedestrian tunnels and footbridges go LED

Upgrading the light fittings on footbridges and in pedestrian tunnels is part of a bigger plan to make all public lighting LED in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi’s 35 pedestrian tunnels are currently undergoing full LED upgrades, set to reduce energy use by a massive 80 per cent.

Six underpasses had their lighting upgraded this year, and Abu Dhabi Municipality is now rolling out the remaining upgrades, including pedestrian footbridges, in phases.

‘Generally the changes achieve energy savings of 80 per cent and increase the lighting levels, colour rendering and uniformity,’ said Martin Valentine, lighting expert at the municipality.

Valentine added that the upgrades to the tunnels and footbridges are just a small part of the overall lighting upgrades to the city and suburbs.  

‘This includes all the streets and parks as part of an ongoing five-year programme,’ Valentine told Lux.

Ahmed Al Sayaari of Abu Dhabi municipality told The National: ‘The new system is eco friendly due to the non-use of toxic and harmful substances during its manufacturing process.’

‘As a result, the reduction in energy consumption would minimise CO2 emissions and slash light pollution, rendering the new lighting system of an important environmental dimension.’

Since 2011, all public lighting projects in Abu Dhabi have been designed with LED or other energy-efficient light sources.