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Plumbing firm eyes huge annual savings with LEDs in national distribution warehouse

Turning on the taps: Plumbing company Wolseley UK has tapped a government funding scheme to install new LED warehouse lighting in hopes of cutting electricity costs by £100,000 per year.

A nationwide UK plumbing firm is upgrading the lighting at its central distribution warehouse in a move to save £100,000 ($157,000) a year in electricity costs.

Wolseley UK is replacing nearly 4,400 light fittings with LEDs at its Leamington Spa facility and hopes to complete the job by the end of September,  the company said.

The move to low-energy lighting will cut electricity consumption by around 236,000 kilowatt-hours during late afternoon and evening hours from November through February, and the total will equate to about 300 homes, Wolseley estimated.

It expects the savings will pay back total costs of around £500,000 ($786,000) in less than five years.

The company is financing the upfront costs in part with a £50,000 ($79,000) grant from the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s Electricity Demand Reduction (EDR) programme.

DECC announced £20 million ($31 million) of available funds last year and awarded a first tranche earlier this year.

It is expected to announced a second tranche this month.

BusinessGreen has criticised the programme for not living up to its promise, as it allocated only £1.28 million ($2 million) of an available £10 million ($16 million) in the first round.

In addition to Wolseley, EDR recipients inlcuded Network Rail, BAE Systems, Tata Steel and others.

Wolseley UK operates a number of heating and plumbing operations including the retail chain Plumb Center. It is part of the £13 billion Theale, England-based international plumbing and heating giant Wolseley plc.

Photo of a Wolseley warehouse is from Wolseley.