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The 10 LED high bays you need to know about

High bays don't look like they used to - this is Holophane's Lux Award-winning Haloprism

High bay luminaires are essential in any factory or warehouse. Lux takes a look at some of the latest, all powered, inevitably, by LED solid-state light sources.


1   MHA fitting harnesses internal reflection
MHA Lighting’s BrightStar 209 uses total internal reflection to transmit and direct the light into the workspace. Powerful chip on-board LED modules illuminate acrylic tubes from each end, hiding the LEDs, reducing glare and creating even light distribution similar to that of an array of T8 tubes. This technology, says the company, ensures exceptional light quality, optical distribution and energy efficiency to heights of 20m. The product is supplied with a 75,000-hour/10-year warranty.




2   Thorn LED high bay with precise control
HiPak Pro LED is an LED high bay luminaire to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs that is up to 45 per cent more efficient than traditional HID sources. Dedicated individual LED optics provide precise light control for high-level mounting applications, including racking and open areas. HiPak Pro LED is Dali dimmable or available with an integral passive infrared sensor to maximise energy savings.





3   Flare X is a flexible high bay
1st LED Lighting is an offshoot of 1st Millennium Electronics, which has specialised in electronics, circuit boards and optics for many years. Flare X is an IP65-rated LED high bay light, even though there are huge slots on the top. Inside is an IP65 driver with sealed leads and connections to the four LED modules. A variety of optics are available from 30-120 degrees plus an aisle light distribution on higher wattage versions.




4   LED high bay keeps a lid on glare
SH Lighting’s E-Core LED High Bay 12000 is a robust and efficient high bay light. It has a luminous flux of 11,000 lm, light quality is good and unified glare rating is 20 or 26, depending on beam angle. This durable luminaire is best suited for illuminating different industrial areas. The fitting is designed to be a suspended fitting and has a long life and few maintenance requirements.




5   Kingfisher high bay with high output
Kingfisher’s LED High Bay gives excellent light output for a variety of industrial and commercial lighting applications, with high performance, efficiency and visual comfort. The LED array includes single-die LEDs, each equipped with its own precision lens, ensuring low glare. The lumen package includes 10,000 lm with 100W, 17,500 lm lumens with 175W and 25,000 lm lumens with 250W.




6   Distinctive doughnut from Holophane
Holophane’s distinctive doughnut-shaped Haloprism combines the latest in efficient multi-junction LEDs with Holophane’s durable prismatic glass optics. The high bay luminaire has a high LED lumen package, long system life and low maintenance. It’s available in six lumen packages from 20,000 to 38,000 lm.





7   Improved Litex LED luminaire
The Litex LED is a versatile industrial LED luminaire for high bay and low bay industrial and warehouse applications that can be mounted at heights of 2.5 to 14m or more. Efficient LED multi-die arrays and thermal management ensure a life of over 50,000 hours at L70. The latest generation improves on the performance of the existing Litex LED ranges, reaching over 16,000 lm from the four-LED IP65 variant, and 28,780 lm from the six LED IP20 version.




8   Intelligent lighting for warehouses and production
Effective lighting is vital for safety and productivity. After successful trials, one of Earlsmann’s clients, a plastic moulding manufacturer in Doncaster, ordered Brighton LED high/low bay lights for its warehouse and production area. The company has cut its energy and maintenance bills by 90 per cent while achieving illuminance of 150 lx.




9   Easy installation and efficiency
The Verteco LED is efficient and easy to install. It is supplied with a built-in sensor for presence detection and daylight regulation ensuring that luminaires are only operating when needed. These factors combine to minimise energy consumption and installation costs. The Verteco LED typically provides a return on investment of less than three years and has been used by blue chip clients across the UK and Europe.




10   Advanced backs high bay with 20-year warranty
Advanced LEDs’ latest Bay product has efficacy of up to 190 lm/W with an output that is 90 per cent of its initial value after 100,000 hours. The company backs the product with a luminaire warranty of up to 20 years. Multiple lens options ensure that the IP66-rated fitting is suitable for a variety of industrial, utility and leisure applications.