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Behold: Italy’s largest LED road lighting upgrade

Milan's 140,000 LED luminaires will save the city €10 million (£7.3 million) in the first year alone

More than 140,000 LED luminaires have been installed around Milan in what is said to be the largest LED road lighting upgrade in Italy.

The new lighting consumes less than half the power of the previous installation. According to manufacturer AEC Illuminazione, the upgrade will cut costs associated with road lighting by 31 per cent – Milan’s city hall will save €10 million (£7.3 million) on energy in the first year alone.

With the new road lighting, Milan will be responsible for 23,650 fewer tonnes of CO2 emissions a year.

The upgrade will also reduce the burden of lamp recycling, with an estimated 60,000 fewer lamps needing to be disposed of, AEC said.

‘The advantages of LEDs confirm that they are simply the right choice in order to get better public lighting,’ said Alessandro Cini, AEC’s chief executive.

Most of the fittings are AEC’s Italo lanterns (pictured). 

The company won the tender from the regional energy supplier A2A. 

The LEDs direct light towards streets and pavements without any upward emission, in accordance with regulations on light pollution.

The luminaires are equipped with Osram drivers.  Osram also recently installed 7,000 LEDs in the Sistine Chapel.

The Italian city of Turin will also be installing 45,000 luminaires from AEC. The city hopes that the project will help in its bid to become one of the next ‘smart cities’ in the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme.

Images were provided by Osram and AEC Illuminazione.