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7 great lights for the workplace

LED fittings like this one from Zumtobel can transform your workspace

1   A smarter sensor light
Steinel’s SensorLight RS LED A1 is ideal for corridors, halls, stairwells and bathrooms. A sensor hidden behind the glass switches the light on, then off again after a pre-selected time.





2   An LED batten to replace fluorescent
Tamlite is targeting industrial and retail applications with its Micro LED batten. It has the same glare-free light quality as a fluorescent batten, but with the efficiency advantages of LEDs.




3   Personalised light from Zumtobel
Zumtobel’s Sequence luminaire has a modular design so it can be personalised and controlled. It incorporates direct light from the LEDs in the centre, and diffuse light from more LEDs behind an opal diffuser. Each linear luminaire contains either 8 or 14 modular sections with optics to put the light where it’s needed.




4    Sleek surface fitting for multiple applications
Luxonic’s Alterlux LED surface luminaires have a range of outputs. The fitting can integrate with the ceiling because it is only 90mm deep and has a simple design. There are square light fittings in two sizes and a linear option, all with a high transmissive acrylic satin lens.




5    Linetik supplies light where it’s needed
The slim body of Zumtobel’s freestanding Linetik LED luminaire has a cross-section of 24 x 24mm and a compact base. The optical system delivers light where it is needed without glare. The reflector for the direct light output delivers uniform illumination over the workplace.




6    Efficient LED downlights
Channel has launched a trio of 4000K white LED IP20-rated downlights in 12W (970 lm), 20W (1,600 lm) and 30W (2,500 lm) versions. They are suited for commercial areas such as hotels and restaurants, galleries and office spaces.




7    The high-spec WaveStar from MHA
MHA Lighting’s WaveStar LED luminaire is for high-specification offices, classrooms and function rooms where glare should be minimal. The WaveStar emits clean, bright light to create bright, uniform illumination for task or teaching area.