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Edinburgh residents lash out against LED streetlights that ‘leave them in dark’

Show me the door: The old streetlights might have had a yellow hue, but they cast light over sidewalks and up to the door, which a lot of people prefer to the LED dark spots.

Edinburgh council has brightened the city’s new LED streetlights after hundreds of residents ranted that the energy efficient luminiares left them feeling unsafe in the dark.

But the city might still have to install additional light columns to make up for the narrower beam emitted by LEDs compared to conventional streetlights, one councillor warned.

Edinburgh took the action after receiving 331 complaints from nearly a quarter of the 537 upgraded streets where people worried about possible crime and vandalism, the Edinburgh Evening News reported.

While the brighter levels ‘seem to help a bit,’ there is an ongoing problem with the beam spread, which leaves ‘bright spots and dark spots,’ said Councillor Allan Jackson.

‘The new lights are going into lamp posts which were never designed for them,’ he said, noting for example that they don’t throw light back toward front doors as happened previously.

Residents in many other towns and cities have lodged similar complaints about LEDs and dark spots (see related stories below).

Photo is from David via Wikimedia