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LED signage means easier maintenance for Dubai Airport

The LEDs that backlight these signs at Dubai Airport should last much longer than the fluorescent lamps they replaced

Dubai Airport has some brand new signage, and it’s illuminated by a new LED system from UK company Bright Green Technology.

The technology has been installed in thousands of signs at the airport’s Terminal 3, which is used exclusively by the Emirates airline. And it’s coming soon to wayfinding signs at all the airport’s other terminals.

Bright Green’s Beam product is designed to replace traditional fluorescent tube lamps, with a longer lasting and more energy-efficient alternative, providing even illumination and consistent colour.

It will save the airport’s maintenance team from having to worry about failed lamps in signs, and keep running costs down – both important considerations when you’re running a 24/7 operation.

UK-based Bright Green Technology has supplied lighting for several other airports around the world, including Edinburgh, Glasgow and Kuala Lumpur.