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Goodlight GX1 LED High Bay

The Goodlight GX1 LED High Bay from LED Eco Lights provides bright light and incorporates patented cooling technology for optimum performance and reliability.

Integrating a Bridgelux Vero circular LED chip with a radial die pattern results in significantly improved lumen density and beam control. This, in turn, provides excellent true colour reproduction with two and three colour SDCM colour control. Uniform white light is assured at colour temperatures of 3000K, 4000K and 5000K. An ingenious, nano-coated reflector, incorporating a special light-scattering coating, boosts light yields by 10%. With an efficacy of 107 Lm/W, the GX1 provides an improved lux performance compared to a 400W traditional high bay light.

The performance of the new GX1 is supported by a unique heat management system. This cutting edge technology relies upon an innovative copper cooling column that swiftly and evenly pulls heat away from the LED across the heat sink. In addition, a patented ‘phase-change’ liquid core ensures rapid heat transfer thereby maintaining more lumens for longer.