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LED lighting, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and gadget charger all rolled into one big outdoor palm tree

Cross-pollination: It's a tree. It's LED lighting. It's a Wi-Fi hotspot. It's a gadget charger. It's the Smart Palm.

Dubai has rolled out more of its so-called ‘Smart Palms’, a fanciful electronic palm tree that provides not only requisite shade and relaxation by day, but which also lights up by night and serves as a free Wi-Fi hotspot and gadget charger.

Advertising company D-Idea Media has installed the latest Smart Palm on the beach at the posh Burj Al Arab hotel, following the maiden ‘plantings’ at Zabeel Park earlier this year, Electronics Weekly reports.

Solar panels form the ‘tree’s’ canopy and, by tapping solar storage, provide the power for the palm’s facilities, including the LEDs that illuminate at night.

The 6.5-metre (21-foot) trees also include charging points for phones and gadgets, as well as electronic information screens with updates on things like Dubai attractions, events and weather. Tree-mounted loudspeakers will also boom weather warnings.

The website Ahlanlive said earlier this year that Dubai Municipality, broadband provider du, Sun Tab Solar Energy and Promo Tech Gulf industry teamed with D-Idea, the concept’s creator. 

Dubai is planning as many as 50 Smart Palms, said Hussain Nasser Lootah, director general of Dubai Municipality.

Photo is a screen grab from D-Idea Media video