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Ohio school district converts to all-LED lighting

Baby it's cold outside: But a facilities overhaul including new heating and LED lighting should keep things warm and bright inside Bellbrook High School, while also saving a bundle in energy costs.

A small Ohio school district hopes to make big energy and electricity savings following its conversion to all LED lighting.

Bellbrook Sugarcreek Schools is the first district in the state to go make such a switch, which should be completed by this autumn, WDTN reported

The move was part of an $1.8 million energy project that also included new heating and cooling at the facilities, which are in the Dayton area.

‘It was an easy decision,’ said Superintendent Keith St. Pierre. ‘There’s an estimate we’re going to save about $130-some-thousand a year, just on the LED part of the project.’

St. Pierre said the savings will come from a reduction in both energy consumption and in maintenance compared to previous fluorescent lighting. The LEDs are expected to last 20 years at Bellbrook’s four schools – a high school, a middle school, and two schools for elementary-aged children divided into kindergarten-through-second grade and third-through-fifth grade.

The school expects all the improvements to pay back within ten years.

Photo is from Greene County Schools