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The Middle East’s first all-LED mosque?

White and amber LEDs are used to light the mosque's exterior

The newly built Farwaniya Mosque in Kuwait City has a bold and bright lighting scheme provided by Dutch architectural lighting company CLS.

And according to CLS, it’s the first mosque in the Middle East region to be lit 100 per cent – inside and out – with LEDs.

For the outside of the mosque, a number of different  luminaires were used, including the Hylo up/downlighting fitting, and floodlights in two sizes, with white and coloured LEDs. A special version of colour-changing floodlight was created for the mosque’s external lighting, using white and amber LEDs.

In the indoor spaces, several variants of CLS’s Ultima luminaire were installed, including bracket and surface-mounted versions, achieving illuminance of nearly 900 lux.

With summer temperatures in Kuwait frequently hitting 45C and above, external light fittings have to be able to withstand heat, as well as coping with occasional sandstorms – so only the toughest fittings will survive.

CLS’s lights, supplied by local distributor Kuwait Technet, have also been used to light a number of other mosques in the country.