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The Daily Mail gives its verdict on Britain’s changing room lighting

Changing room lighting - get it wrong and your customers won't be coming back

Which high-street shop has the best lit changing rooms?

In an article for The Daily Mail, journalist Amanda Platell reviews how she looks in the changing room mirrors of 10 fashion shops, wearing the same blue dress.

Of course, it’s not really the mirrors she’s judging, but the lighting.

And lighting experts will not be surprised to hear that those changing rooms with lights mounted alongside the mirror, illuminating the subject from the front, came out well. Those that just had downlights in the ceiling created unsightly shadows and did badly. Warm colour temperatures also seemed to go down well.

So which shops did best and worst?

Well, H&M and Fenwick both got glowing feedback, thanks to warm-coloured linear lights alongside their mirrors. Topshop, John Lewis and House of Fraser, on the other hand, produced less flattering results.

‘The merest curve looks posivitely gargantuan,’ says Platell of her appearance under House of Fraser’s lights.

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